Global Makerspace and much more …

November 10th, 2018

What a busy month it has been in my work with makerspaces. I have had the pleasure of working with two international researchers (Klaus Thestrup & Anca Velicu) on the Melbourne chapter of the Global Makerspace, an experiment in connecting children from Denmark, the UK and Melbourne, Australia. Overall, a great experience and success if the response of the children can be taken as a measure of this, and thanks once again to the enthusiastic staff and students at St Stephens Primary School in Reservoir. My work with the children continues in a voluntary capacity for the rest of this year and hopefully next year too.

A video of an informal discussion with Klaus & Anca reflecting on this experience can be found here:

Other related work:

  • Presentation and workshop at YPRL future planning conference.

Inspiring to hear of the great initiatives of these libraries e.g.

  • Visit to Canterbury PS – my favourite Primary School makerspace.
  • Discussions with Yooralla for the creation of a makerspace in Fawkner
  • Visit and tour of Kilmore Secondary College to discuss their makerspace planning
  • Organising panel at Public Pedagogies Conference, with presentations from international and local makerspace experts. Please attend as it will be a fascinating two days:
  • St Stephens commencement of makerspace activities to complement curriculum.
  • Visits to Templestowe College, Bundoora Secondary College and Mt Alexander Secondary College to discuss makerspaces and progressive pedagogy with principals and makerspace consultants
  • Connecting with like-minded educators and artists: Deborah Rodrigues

Seeking Donations of your junk

September 12th, 2018
We are conducting workshops with primary school children where we will be using old toys and discarded electronics. The children will be taught how to use tools and then they will have fun pulling apart the toys & electronics, in the meantime learning a lot about the use of tools, electronics, materials and how things are made. We need lots of things to pull apart. Please check your cupboards for any dusty electronics, toys that are no longer being used, things that you’re about to throw out. These all have great value for our workshops.
Also any old tools that you can spare would also be greatly appreciated, screwdrivers and pliers in particular.
Please reply to this post organise delivery and/or pick up.
Any contribution, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Greg Giannis