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July 11, 2018

Walking & Art

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Space to capture works and conversations around walking and art.

walk into akamas by greg giannnis together with Geert Vermeire

Silent walk led by Greg Giannis together with Geert Vermeire into Akamas peninsula, from Aphrodite’s baths to Fontana Amorosa (Love’s Spring). Dedicated to dearly loved ones, present and recently departed.

Attending Made of Walking IV in Cyprus and walking the Akamas Peninsula has inspired me to creat this blog to continue the exchanges and provide an online space for collaborations.

1. Can the people that participated in the walk to Fontana Amorosa please provide me with some feedback, artefacts (photos,drawings, writings, audio/video recordings, etc). How was the experience for you? Did you feel that you gained/experienced something unprecedented from the walk? Although we left as a group, most walked alone. Did this detract from or enhance the experience? Was there any point walking with others? I hope to have a reflection from all that participated in the walk. It is the only way I can create closure for the event otherwise it feels as if it has been left dangling and unresolved.

2. Is it time to seek a new definition for art that utilises walking? Geert conveyed that proposed by Hamish Fulton but this was written some time ago and much has changed since then. If we consider the walking as the medium, then it is what is done with the medium that is important, in the same way that dance as a medium becomes art depending on how it is used. Is it enough to give an audience a new aesthetic experience? Walkers can be both audience and performer, so this complicates the demarcation. What criteria do we apply to other forms of art? Can we then apply these to walking to help us and others understand it as an art form. Art can provide new insights, address contemporary concerns and expand upon previous conversations on the nature of art. Do current walking art practices do this? Very interested in your thoughts and with your permission i would like to bring a few others into the conversation, and possibly move platforms if there is enough interest.

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