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May 28, 2018

Presenting at DigiCon 2018

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The Keyboard Hack: Simple Hardware for Creative Interactions


Reach of Creativity Club

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I have been recently asked to provide evidence of how many people this space is reaching. I have provided the information below for others that may be interested:

The maker space is reaching many people as there are no others in Melbourne doing what I am engaging the kids with so it is getting a great deal of attention:
  1. Students, parents and teachers that regularly attend the space,
  2. Dr Garnet Hertz, an international expert on critical making. We are planning for the work to be showcased in an upcoming publication,
  3. Five international researchers from the EU Makey Project, have visited the space and written in their blogs so this gives the maker space international research exposure,
  4. I have been made an international partner of this project because of the work here ,
  5. Recently been shortlisted for the “2018 HundrED x Education Changemakers Spotlight on Victorian Education Innovation”,
  6. Primary school teachers at Collingwood will be running their technology projects in the space,
  7. The readers of a recently published report that discusses the maker space and has been widely distributed,
  8. The Creative Agency group at RMIT head by researcher Dr Anne Harris,
  9. All my colleagues and students at Victoria University, and over 200 students that I teach at La Trobe University,
  10. The educators at La Trobe University who are leaders in the fields of STEM education and maker spaces,
  11. The many attendees of the Professional Learning workshops I have given,
  12. I am starting a 2nd space in Thornbury that will provide further opportunities as this space has established relationships with the local primary and high schools,
  13. Dr Kylie Peppler, a world leader in maker spaces and interest-driven pedagogy, and leader of the Creativity Lab as Indiana University has commended the originality of the maker space activities,
  14. Natalie Jeremijenko, media artist “named by MIT Technology Review as one of the Top 100 Young Innovators in 2001 and noted by Fast Company as one of the most influential women in technology in 2011″[1],
  15. International media artists, educators and technologists, through local and international conferences presentations.

I am always looking for any form of sponsorship as this is all being run voluntarily and through the donations of the community and companies that I approach.


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