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Friday, February 16th, 2018


Due to circumstances beyond my control not much attention was given to this blog last year and the space was kindly run by Craig during my absence. Thank you Craig Van Der Valk and good luck in your new position at Brunswick Secondary College where a new maker space will be created šŸ™‚

IĀ plan to restart the creativity club maker space as soon as I have some furniture and the materials moved into the shiny, new room on level 3. Any assistance with the move would be greatly appreciated.

A major issue with the space allocated last year was the size of the room. It was not conducive to parents to ‘hang out’ with their kids and many did not attend as they had the year before. The new space is significantly larger so will be more inviting. Hope to see many of you there. Please lobby the principal if you wish to see the space up and running soon.

Is there any preference for which day to open the space?

Also two more researchers from the EU MAkey project are in Melbourne and wishing to seeĀ our space, the work we have created and conduct an interview with me.


Greg Giannis

We’re back!

Friday, April 21st, 2017

The Creativity Club is up and running again for the year. It will be open from 3:30-5:30pm Thursday. The room is theĀ lower room under music behind the stalls for the Thursday market. For those unfamiliar with the activities carried out, please readĀ some of the previous blog posts.

We welcome all students, parent/guardians and teachers.

At the first sessionĀ for the year, Angelina decorated the letter M with salvaged parts. This will be used for signage. The letters were started late last year by two very regular attendees of the space.

Angelina with letter M mosaic

Angelina with letter M mosaic

The Club has been visited recently by 3 researchers from a large EU project about makerspaces. Our humble space will have international recognition! The project that the researchers are involved with is documented here:

The Art from Scrap competition will continue and the current entries will be showcased in a display cabinet near the office. Thank you for the wonderful entries thus far.

I have recently had the opportunity to discussĀ makerspaces with Mt Alexander High and provided some PL to primary school teachers at Thornbury Primary School.

Looking forward to working with you all again this year.

Greg Giannis